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Scottsdale Star Circles

230 photographs, each with a 30-second exposure.I shot this over the course of two hours this past April . The more I stare at this photograph the more intrigued I am. What we have is a lovely juxtaposition of large and small objects and a contrast of stillness and momentum. The dominating feature is a hypnotic swirl of star trails. It is rarely appropriate to dedicate that much space to the sky in a photograph. The Star Swirl (for lack of a better description) rests above a desert scape without movement. Three looming cacti, typically the smallest objects in a desert shot, break through the horizon (thereby serving as a transitional element from upper to lower) and tower over the mountains in our background. The adobe house nestled perfectly in the lower right hand corner ads just the right kind of accent to offer the eye something completely different no matter where it wanders within the frame...

ArizonaStar Trail